Who we are

Who We Are

No barber or hairdresser should have to compromise on the service quality for not having access to high-precision and dependable shaving tools

We are a high-performance German brand of shave and hair cutting products exclusively developed for use by barbers and hairdressers. STÄRKE’s portfolio offers a range of beard trimmers, hair clippers, precision shaving blades, barber’s razors and professional scissors.

Originally a brand of German precision blades and shaving blades, with the barber as its core consumer, STÄRKE’s legacy has successfully continued over the years, having expanded to encompass high-performance professional shave tools such as beard trimmers and hair clippers and more recently, professional high-end scissors too.

Produced under the German precision standards, our products are aimed at professional Salon usage and yet they are affordably priced.

Our goal is to make quality precision shaving tools accessible to every Salon’s budget. After all, high quality products cannot be the privilege of only the elite few. All STÄRKE products have been especially developed keeping in mind the Asian and African consumers’ requirements, where the majority of Salons were earlier denied access to quality shaving products.