Our Technology

Our Technology

Produced under the German high precision standards.

STÄRKE strongly imbibes the values of high precision, dependability and engineering craftsmanship. And with all the above values at the forefront, our products are manufactured maintaining the highest German quality standards to consistently deliver high performance. Once finished, the products are put through stringent quality control processes using specially designed testing equipment.

Our Shaving Blades are made from highest- grade European steel and produced in our manufacturing plants equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Here all aspects of blade making are combined under one roof, right from steel grinding, moulding, punching, to lubrication, stressing out and assembly.

Our Scissors are forged from carefully selected high carbon stainless steel which gives it a hardness level of 58 plus making them durable and long-lasting. Most of the models also feature a specialised tension regulation nut with a spring and this allows for easy, hassle-free adjustment of the scissors The Japanese style razor sharp convex blade cutting edge ensures a crisp and clean trim and allows for advanced hairstyling techniques.

Our High-performance Clippers & Trimmers range comes with patented linear motors making the trimmers deliver outstanding speed with almost zero engine fatigue and minimal heat emission. The motor’s superior structural design also allows for minimum resistance and least wear and tear over prolonged use. The built-in microprocessors regulate the cutting speed and allow a precise cut. The heavy-duty electromagnetic motor range of trimmers uses 100 per cent copper for its core, and hence delivers outstanding performance even under heavy professional usage. The specially designed rubberized grip back makes the trimmers ergonomically-friendly and lends them further ease of use. In most of our clippers and trimmers we use the highest quality 440C stainless steel blades only.