Our Vision

The STÄRKE Story – It all started
from the idea that ‘access to technology
cannot be the privilege of only the
elite few’

Seeing the huge disparity there is in the markets in Asia and Africa vis-a-vis the West, one would often wonder whether corporate giants should ever have controlled and reserved technologically advanced products only for the affluent populations of the West. In the vast number of Asian and African countries, one would find that in particular high-precision shave tools were either being intentionally withheld from these regions or being made available only at unrealistically high prices. Most corporate giants firstly don’t accurately perceive the requisites of Asian and African consumers and secondly, they have also been unwilling to modify their products (originally conceived for the Western consumers) to match the requirements in these regions.

What’s surprising is that this scenario has continued regardless of the fact that the combined population of the two continents is a whopping 5.5 billion, almost 3/4th of the world’s 8 billion population. And, mind you, we are not even talking of the luxury segments. What we are talking of are basic professional shave tools used by barbers and hairdressers, intended at improving the common man’s daily lives.

Anyone looking for technologically-advanced, professional standard shave tools in these regions hardly finds any suitable options because the monopolistic corporate giants have turned the basic shaving precision tools into an expensive luxury – a luxury that even elite barber Salons in these regions find hard to afford. Visit us at: https://www.facebook.com/StarkeSalonProAfrica

The aim to bridge this disparity is exactly what brought about the inception of the STÄRKE brand of Shave Tools.