Our Core Values

Our Core Values

  • Engineering craftsmanship and precision
  • Top performance and durability
  • Credibility

Engineering craftsmanship and precision

The brand takes its name from the word STÄRKE which means ‘strength’ in German and this quality translates in the brand’s values too. With its origins in Hamburg in Germany – a country known the world over for its high precision tools – we take pride in the fact that STÄRKE products are manufactured at multiple locations around the globe but invariably adhering to high German standards of precision and engineering craftsmanship.

Top performance and durability

True to our German shave tools legacy, all STÄRKE products deliver consistent performance at par with the best global standards. In keeping with its name, STÄRKE is driven by values of quality and durability and goes through rigorous testing processes developed through ample experience and research. Our products are manufactured in accordance with stringent quality guidelines and are extensively tested before launch.


At STÄRKE, our commitment doesn’t just end at creating a great product quality, but we extend our quality control guidelines to all facets of our business. As a result, we have created stringent norms for quality product packaging, efficient logistics, reliable delivery mechanisms, extensive product marketing support, brand marketing support and prompt after-sales services. This is what gives all associates the confidence that they are associating with a credible brand.