Straight to the Salon

We consistently strive for two key goals: Firstly, to pass on the best price to our consumers, and secondly, to innovate to the most efficient business model that adopts the most modern best practices. And both these goals of ours get fulfilled with the launch of our online direct-selling portal.

Not only does this e-commerce portal eliminate the need for the middle men in getting the products to our core consumers , but also online shopping platform is emerging as the most practical modern-day business model. The online portal allows the barbers to buy genuine STÄRKE products directly from the brand. From our end, selling through the website allows us to offer better prices to our consumers as it eliminates the need to share profits with the middle men.

To further enhance the buyers’ online shopping experience, STÄRKE ‘mobile shopping app’ will also be available, very soon. This will give consumers greater ease of buying as they can view the product range better and order 100 per cent genuine STÄRKE products reliably through our phone app.

After-sales support

We at STÄRKE are passionate self-critics and kind of overly particular about ensuring that the products meet our strictest quality benchmarks before launch. But, in the rare case that any STÄRKE product has a problem, we provide speedy redressal of the issue, thanks to our efficient after-sales support. To reassure our consumers even further, sophisticated tools such as trimmers and clippers come with a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Also, it is our consistent goal is to create the most professional shave tools for Salons, and therefore after-sales and consumer feedback is a vital aspect of product development for us. We take the feedback from our professional associates with due seriousness, and incorporate any key learnings from it in our guidelines for creating future products.

For Sales Support Contact:
Phone: +9714 2416616